Calacatta Terremotto

SKU Calacatta Terremotto 3cm


The Solstone Stone Series Calacatta Terremotto Quartz is a nonporous and durable alternative to stone countertops. Stone countertops have pores that result in an unsanitary surface, as they hold particles that were meant to be wiped away. These particles often result in fungal or bacterial growth. This is why stone surfaces should be sealed every 1-3 months—unlike our quartz countertops. The Pelican Stone Series line is designed for those who want the look of stone, but the durability of quartz. This series is made of 93% natural quartz with a high-quality binding agent, resulting in an extremely scratch and stain-resistant surface. The Solstone Series Quartz carries a limited lifetime warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the home the quartz was originally installed in.